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Giveaway Prizes

5 people: Wacom tablet Intuos Pro

10 people: Wacom tablet Intuos CTL-480

20 people: US$50 Digo Cash

100 people: US$10 Digo Cash


Contest Rules

No purchase is necessary.

The winners will be drawn at the time of Digo world’s beta service. Good Luck.

All winners will be notified by email or text message and will be asked for shipping address.


Digo Brothers

The term ‘DIGO’ is an abbreviation of digital alter ego meaning to imply that everyone needs to create their one and only avatar. Digo Brothers would like to embrace caricature artists of the world and unite them in one website where they can do business, communicate with each other, post their artworks, join various contests, and much more.






Digo World

Digo world is the world’s first open market exclusive for digital caricature where artists and art-loving consumers from all over the world are gathered to share common interests and communicate each other. The site will have unique competitiveness as follows:


Digitalization of caricature and variety of utilization

Being a leading figure in the industry yet to be pioneered and industrialized

True open market worth of US$ billions for digital art that connects artists and customers from all over the world

Starts business with global NGO entities for sharing and securing customer pool

One and only place where more than 20,000 caricature artists are gathered from all over the world

Global franchise ‘Digo Café’ to diversify income source and to realize O2O business model

World famous caricature artists will have their galleries to inspire other amateur artists



Caricature, cartoonish, pop art, sketch, illustration, portrait, photoshop makeover, and much more


Artists can make profits out of their talent while customer can meet various type of artists from all over the world


Digo will host a contest in various themes every month for the member artists while they will be awarded with prizes and gifts


Digo café will cater off-line caricature customers by online artists. Digo will connect customers with off-line merchandizing companies .


Artists from all over the world can share their artworks and communicate each other while they may be meet up in various exhibitions or galleries


Artists with enough fame can post their artworks in the hall of fame gallery and will be rewarded for monthly best artist every month

Why Digo World?



Creating additional revenue from caricature

Being able to communicate with global customers

Associating with other artists

Participating in various events and contests

Playing a role in caricature industrialization



Everyone wants their own unique avatar

No physical location required since the transactionis done in online

Appreciate and select many types or art works

Be able to utilize the artwork in many places

Timeline for Development

We will continue to share our status via this site for you to be on the same page and let you know how close to open the site. During the development, we will keep posting any material news or upcoming events for you to join as well. We try our best to wrap up the project soonest and would love to meet all of you.

Development Itinerary


Project started

Landing Site Open

Beta Service

Commercial Service


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